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Widmer validating machines

The Widmer T-4U will reliably record for time computation, reduce tardiness as well as provide the required records for wage and hour regulations.It is one of our most resourceful and affordable machines.SPECIFICATIONS: -Weight 6lbs OPTIONS INCLUDE: -Fully programmable dot-matrix stamp -Capable of consecutive numbering -Capable of three lines of print with multi page insertions. Knowing your labor costs on payroll as well as each aspect of a job makes the difference between a profitable job or a loss.The receipt rendering depositories of the prior art generally have stored within them unvalidated receipt tickets in a stack or serial roll which tickets are validated and dispensed to the depositor in response to the entry of a deposit in the depository.Storage of unvalidated receipt tickets within the depository has several shortcomings.The Widmer T-4U Time Stamp is a very, very versatile machine.

Such machinery is expensive and prone to jamming and other mechanical failure.

Set recorder to JOB mode for accurate job costing data.

A bank depository which provides a depositor with a validated receipt ticket evidencing that a deposit has been made, employs an envelope, in which the deposit is placed prior to insertion in the depository, having an unvalidated receipt ticket removably affixed to it.

The RSU version of the D-3 has a removable upper die.

Jack and Helen Widmer established Widmer Time Recorder in 1933 in a small, 8 ft. Our products are sold throughout the world by a network of over 2300 qualified dealers.

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The depositor, due to his lack of access to the receipt ticket prior to making the deposit is unable to enter on the receipt ticket information concerning the nature and amount of his deposit as it is entered on the deposit slip which accompanies the deposit.