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Updating ms

The blowback from a German consumer agency was serious enough that Microsoft issued a rare formal apology and promised never to do it again.To add insult to injury, that aggressive approach still left the Windows 10 installed base short of its ambitious goal of 1 billion devices.In releasing its Windows 10 reliability data now, Microsoft has a twofold goal.First, it's trying to convince skeptical enterprise managers that Windows 10 is ready for business.Microsoft has announced it is halting its free Windows 10 upgrade offer - possibly meaning an imminent end to those annoying notifications and surprise updates.Writing on the company's official blog, Windows vice president Yusuf Mehdi said the free upgrade offer will end on 29 July.

It also scaled back the volume of data collected and improved procedures for obtaining user consent.On two test devices in my office, for example, I wasn't offered the Windows 10 Creators Update until early September. The new goal for Windows 10 feature updates, according to people involved directly with the Windows Update infrastructure, is to roll them out "as fast as is safe."Windows Update for Business: A hands-on look at how to take control [Tech Pro Research]The end result is that Microsoft is being far more selective about the rollout process for the Creators Update and its successor, the Fall Creators Update.John Cable, Director of Program Management for Windows Servicing and Delivery, told me the goal for both of 2017's feature updates is to use Microsoft's telemetry information and an expanded regimen of testing with OEMs to sort PCs into groups based on their likelihood to upgrade properly."We won't roll out [a feature update] until we are certain you will have a positive experience," Cable told me.No warning, no confirmation, nothing." The difficulties seem to have started when Microsoft reclassified the Windows 10 update from 'optional' to 'recommended'.Most people using earlier versions of Windows have their computers set to automatically install 'recommended' updates by default, possibly explaining why the Windows 10 upgrade took so many of them by surprise.

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Performance improvements, too: "Microsoft Edge is also up to 53 percent faster in the Creators Update thanks to efficiency improvements that make scrolling pages and loading pages faster, and website rendering and interaction more responsive."In terms of reliability, Microsoft says working more closely with hardware manufacturers to test drivers has paid off, with PCs running the Creators Update seeing a 39 percent total reduction in operating system and driver stability issues compared to the Anniversary Update.

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