Taylor handley dating

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Taylor handley dating

He points the gun at her, tells her that he is in love with her, and threatens to shoot himself in the head when she wants to leave.

This intense situation is great for an increase in drama for the show, but the majority of people with mental illnesses actually pose little threat to others.

Because of this portrayal, people with borderline personality disorder and depression may be more closely associated with the psychotic and dangerous reaction that Oliver exhibited.

Fan reaction to the character of Oliver Trask was mixed at best.

Like others with this disorder, he has an unstable and false image of both himself and his relationships with other people [2].

Many of his actions are executed in order to make others like him, and he tries especially hard to keep Marissa as his friend, to keep her from leaving him.

It is angrily stated by Seth in The Ties That Bind to Marissa that her relationship with Oliver may have driven Ryan to seek solace with Theresa, resulting in the scandal over Theresa's pregnancy and marriage that arises in the final episodes of Season 1.

C'est la mariée qui a révélé le pot-aux-roses en dévoilant sur le réseau social Twitter la photographie officielle de leur union, accompagnée de la mention suivante : "".Lastly, he shows signs of impulsivity in his willingness to spend a lot of money on his friends and in his drug and alcohol use.While his behavior may indicate that he has a mental illness, the portrayal of this disorder may not be considered entirely accurate, because it is so exaggerated.Sur ce très joli cliché, nous découvrons le couple prenant la pose sur une colline californienne, elle resplendissante dans sa robe de mariée sans bretelles, lui parfait dans son costume noir, les cheveux gominés, une rose blanche à la boutonnière.Oliver Trask was a rich teenager who lived in the penthouse of the Four Seasons Hotel.

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A person with borderline personality disorder is more likely to harm himself than someone else [4], and although the show does emphasize Oliver’s desire to hurt himself, he also appears to be a threat to Marissa.

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