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You should be able to find the location easily via GPS or a mapping website.

If you're coming from I-40, you'll most likely take 540 East to Falls of Neuse Road exit. Go 2.2 miles, and Falls Village shopping center is on your right.

He said: “Making rail an attractive alternative is an ideal way to encourage more people out of their cars and onto greener transport.

This new fleet of trains serving stations all across the north and east of the country offer more opportunities for passengers to travel by rail in the future.” David Horne, Virgin Trains’ MD on the east coast route, said: “The Virgin Azuma will deliver a step-change in services between Scotland and England, taking regular journeys down to just four hours.

We have a smallholding and he often wanders by himself but we noticed he went missing on the night and returned the next morning.'We only realised what he'd done after speaking to neighbours and police. The lady was found safe and well, that's all that matters.' Pictured from left: PC Matthew Gee, Elijah and PC Karl Heseltine.

Now we wonder if he stayed with her all night.'We went straight out and bought him lots of treats. Elijah's father, also called Elijah, said: 'We only realised what he'd done after speaking to neighbours and police.

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A new train has travelled from London to Edinburgh in four hours – shaving 22 minutes off the current journey time.

The high-speed train is named Azuma, the Japanese word for “East”, in homage to Japanese bullet train technology and the coast on which it will operate.

Falls Village is the shopping center that contains TJ Maxx and Raleighwood Cinema and Home Goods.

The only tricky thing about finding Southern Star Ballroom Center is that it is on the lower level of the shopping center, back behind and beneath the row of stores containing TJ Maxx and "Hand and Stone." Just look for TJ Maxx, and then drive to the left and behind the row of stores containing TJ Maxx.

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Now we wonder if he stayed with her all night'The daughter of the woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said they were so grateful to everyone involved.

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