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Free game webcam

Webcam games make use of cutting-edge face tracking and motion tracking technology to allow you to put yourself directly into a game!By using simple motions of your head or hands, your webcam can transform itself into an amazing new input device for controlling the on-screen game action!As a result, gamers are now able to get a high quality gameplay video and a reduced video file size.With Bandicam, gamers can record any sound on their computer with the multiple audio stream recording function.

Create professional-looking live streams adding up to 12 different video, audio and image sources.

Bandicam provides the "Two Sound Mixing" option which allows gamers to record their game sound and microphone sound simultaneously.

If you use Windows Vista, 7, or 8, you can use the advanced sound recording method which will allow you to record the original computer sound.

Now, Many Cam-ers can benefit from an even faster software to create: Many Cam 6.0 has a modular interface which allows you to move the tools around and place your favorite ones right in front of you.

Every feature is just one click away to save you time and increase your productivity during: If you want to create fun video chats and live streams, try out our new 3D Face Masks that wrap around your face, there is a whole new gallery for you to check out!

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Record and capture video from almost any source – your computer screen, webcam or even VHS tapes.

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