Dating scan holles st

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Dating scan holles st

Thank god they didn't weight me at second appointment coz iv almost 2 stone on since, in only twelve weeks, lol, so I'd def be kicked out!!

Maybe phone and ask if you will get another scan in december? I only know of one person who's been to MLU, everyone else I know has been to the consultant side and haven't heard of any of them wit bad reports of Lourdes even with the lack of scans so that has to be good lol!

At wexford general the consultants all have scan machines in there rooms so sometimes do a quick scan at every appointment!

Yep Im due to go to OLOL, But my BMI was 1figure too high for the MLU so I'm in the crappy side! I have an appointment in Dec and hoping I'll get scanned then too, but because the placenta was "low lying" on the last scan they've booked me in for a 34wk scan....

The Department is located on the ground floor of the hospital.

(Please ask for directions at the main reception on arrival).

Please go to the contacts section for individual contact details.

I certainly hope thats not when I'll get my next scan...

I'll be going to babyscan if thats the case but isnt it awful that you have to go private and book a scan if you want one because the supposed "free" maternity care wont cover it?!

I had 2 so far 1 at 8 weeks and another at 10 weeks.

I've my next one 22weeks which is the one to check baby is developing properly!

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Yeah it's madness really, the anomaly scan is the most detailed one ( I think) so everyone should get that IMO.