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Dating and marrying korean men

Part of this is attributed to the fact that the population is in such close proximity, there is always the constant awareness you are being watched, and consequently: critiqued.

To that end, your appearance says a lot about who you are in society.

They are proud of their traditional culture and their modern economic fact, it's considered an honor to serve one's country, just as in any culture.On average, Koreans get married three years later than Americans. Simply, most Koreans focus on education before marriage, and a large percentage of the population in South Korea will be college-educated. When I ask my Korean friends this, they look at me like I must be clueless....."why not?Consequently, both women and men are already jaded by the time they are in their twenties, but especially women.They have been hurt so much at a young age that they come to believe that all men must be assholes, so why even bother?

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They shun most college-age Korean guys because, well they just aren't good enough, and frankly, they're inexperienced when it comes to dating. There are two choices women have for male dating material: pre-military and post-military.

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