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100 dating ru

Since it was almost entirely covered by glaze, these issues did not detract from the wares.The 87 pieces listed by Regina Krahl in 2017 are set out by 20 different shapes.However, experts now discount any influence of agate in achieving the Ru glaze colour.Ru ware is perhaps the first "official ware" specifically commissioned by the imperial court.The excavations also found sherds of "official" quality, but in more elaborate shapes than found among the surviving whole pieces.These may have been test pieces that were not put into production.As they were excavated it became clear that they had also produced large amounts of other, lesser wares, including black and three-colour wares, and also "a significant quantity of carved and incised Ru wares of inferior quality," which is not represented among surviving pieces.

Examination of excavated fragments shows the fired clay body is a light grey colour, sometimes compared to the colour of incense ash.Production ended when, or shortly before, the kilns were occupied by the invaders who overthrew the Northern Song dynasty in the 1120s, but the wares remained famous and highly sought after.On 3 October 2017, a Ru ware brush-washer dish, 13cm (5in) across, set a new record auction price for Chinese ceramics at Sotheby's Hong Kong, fetching HK$ 294.3 million, nearly US$ 28 million.They can be considered as a particular form of celadon wares.Ru ware represents one of the Five Great Kilns identified by later Chinese writers.

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